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As a proven specialist in passenger vehicle interiors, we offer vehicle manufacturers innovative interior solutions tailored perfectly to their respective target groups and transform driving into a completely new experience. Our customers appreciate us as a driving force and think tank, as we have the capacity to anticipate the trends of tomorrow and implement these in pioneering solutions that inspire drivers for many years. We engage in intensive research on the materials and functions of our components and work on securing an optimum end product in close coordination with our customers. This results in headrests, consoles, and interior components that satisfy the most demanding requirements and set standards in the competitive international market.


Consoles & Armrests

Centre consoles from GRAMMER ensure that vehicles occupants can relax, work and communicate. Lots of high technology has to be used for a console to perform these tasks. We see potential in the expansion of multimedia options, and upgrading to a control console for the on-board electronics. The future promises plenty of space and freedom thanks to intelligently designed platform systems.


Today’s increasingly mobile lifestyles and faster vehicles call for high levels of safety and comfort.

Head restraints from GRAMMER Automotive meet these criteria - in the form of custom tailored solutions for every vehicle model. Shape, range of movement, and materials are just some of the many factors that need to be taken into account.

Our innovative efforts consistently focus on maximizing ergonomics and support.

Interior Components

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality interior components and operating systems for the automotive and consumer industries, our leading edge products continually set new standards through our unconventional solutions, innovative design and functionality of products.

Functional Components

As a proven industry leader, GRAMMER´s Functional Components division consistently provides its direct customers and ultimately the automotive consumer with highly innovative products that serve critical vehicle functions such as:

  • HVAC (Air) Distribution Systems
  • Interior Trim Systems
  • Engine Air Induction Systems
  • Powertrain Cooling Systems
  • Exterior Systems

Our experienced teams leverage technology to deliver smart design and engineering solutions that meet and exceed our customer´s performance requirements.

Commercial Vehicles
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