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Ultimate Comfort The new GRAMMER MSG297/2900

GRAMMER has rethought the concept of seating! With the MSG297/2900, we are presenting a novel high-end seat for agricultural and construction machinery that combines ultimate comfort with excellent quality and innovative features from the automotive arena.


All benefits at a glance

High degree of modularity:

With just a few versions, you can equip a large number of vehicle models and meet a very wide range of customer requirements.


Clean design:

Fewer interfaces or connection elements in the seat suspension reduce the risk of leakage and open up free space for future enhancements.


High-grade overall feel:

Modern design, luxurious materials, a more stable structure, and hidden mounting points lend the entire interior a sense of refined quality.


Personalized equipment options:

Available in electric or manual, with two-, three- or four-point seatbelts, with or without CAN controller, as well as a range of comfort extras – allowing you to customize the seat to your own specifications.


Luxurious comfort:

Electric seat adjustment with memory function, multi-stage seat heating and cooling, as well as a massage function deliver car-like comfort for your offroad vehicles.

The seat top of the new MSG297/2900

Whether excellent seating comfort and a unique design, high perceived quality, intuitive operation, or extras as desired – customers in the automotive sector expect a wide range of the latest features. The GRAMMER MSG297/2900 now delivers these comfort and convenience features for the latest generation of offroad vehicles. So you can also impress the discerning drivers of your top agricultural and construction machinery with the quality of your interior.

  • A three-stage air conditioning and heating system means that drivers can easily adjust the new MSG297/2900 to their preferred temperature.

  • Competitive pressure is growing and operating speeds are constantly increasing – both on farmland and construction sites. But at least there is one way to reduce stress at the workplace: the new GRAMMER MSG297/2900 with its comfortable cushioning, markedly improved ergonomics, and customizable settings that are sure to make any driver happy.

  • The adaptive Dualmotion back support is available exclusively from GRAMMER as an option. The upper backrest of the MSG297/2900 then supports rotary movements of drivers. This way, the MSG297/2900 helps keep the driver's back fit, while also providing optimum visibility and range of motion when working backward.

  • Thanks to the intuitive control concept of the new MSG297/2900, all important seating adjustments can be made both quickly and easily.

  • The MSG297/2900 is optionally available with three-point or four-point seatbelts to ensure maximum safety. Sensors integrated in the seat cushion detect whether the seat is occupied or not and can therefore issue a warning when seatbelts are not being worn, as well as prevent a vehicle from being started up by mistake when no driver is present.

  • The top version of the MSG297/2900 offers convenient, fully electric seating adjustments with memory function. The seat then remembers the preferred seating position of multiple drivers – and automatically sets everything up perfectly following a change of driver.

  • The pneumatic lumbar support can be adjusted very easily using a four-way switch and offers optimum support for the lower back area.

  • Do you prefer a relaxing or activating massage? The optional massage function can transform a drive in the new MSG297/2900 into a health spa visit. This makes it the ideal addition for optimized damping of the seat that guarantees both relaxed and back-friendly work at any time.

The suspension system of the new MSG297/2900.

Ultimate seating comfort also requires optimum damping. This is why we chose to thoroughly revise the tried and tested GRAMMER suspension system from the ground up, further optimizing its cushioning characteristics, stability, and quality.
The MSG297/2900 has pneumatic damping and comes as standard with the enhanced GRAMMER low-frequency suspension. Thanks to the new design with greater stiffness, it was possible to increase the maximum driver weight to 150 kg. The clean design also simplifies installation and makes the seat both low-maintenance and durable. The lower noise and minimized play of the moving components also contribute to the exceptionally high perceived quality of the entire seat.

  • The new scissor-type suspension employs innovative kinematics with stable double rollers for zero free play and less friction. This helps secure a more stable seating feeling and increases the durability of the suspension, even in tough applications requiring continuous use.

  • The damper attachment has been moved to the seat's overall center of gravity, which improves the durability of seats with multifunction armrests.

  • A CAN bus connection facilitates convenient adjustment of the seat, including functional diagnostics with damper wear monitoring via the vehicle's info display.

  • Together with permanent height detection, the automatic weight adjustment guarantees a precisely adjusted seating position at all times.

  • The new pneumatic module with insulated compressor reduces the noise associated with damping. An optimized pneumatic circuit also minimizes the risk of leaks.

  • Thanks to the design, which has been thoroughly revised from the ground up, the new MSG297/2900 offers significantly improved suspension performance for noticeably greater comfort. This makes the seat the perfect option for busy work schedules.

Discover ultimate driving comfort now!

The MSG297/2900 is our new generation of high-end seats. Developed for the top models of your agricultural and construction machinery – and created for drivers that only want the very best available in terms of functionality and ergonomics, design and quality.

Benefit from the GRAMMER added value service.

GRAMMER enjoys a leading global market position for driver and passenger seats in the commercial vehicle sector. Beside a wide range of solutions, we also offer extensive experience of both consulting
and implementation.

As a leading innovator, we invest a great deal in research and development, yet also in our consulting and service offering. This is what characterizes the high added value of GRAMMER solutions.

We are at home in 20 countries and represented worldwide together with our sales partners.

This secures the global availability of our products and comprehensive local expertise with short distances to customers.

We offer the same high quality standards in our solutions and services across the globe. We also work hard every day to become even better.

Secure your personal consultation.

Learn more about the new high-end-seat for agricultural and construction machines.

Download our brochure as a PDF here.

Our sales experts are happy to present the new generation of GRAMMER seats to you in detail, offer you well-founded advice on the design options, and provide you with more information on the topics of ergonomics, quality, and vehicle integration.

To arrange either an online or face-to-face meeting send an e-mail to: ultimate-comfort(at) .

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