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The entry level and development options in the Grammer Group are manifold. As a globally active and dynamically growing company we rely on personalities, forward thinkers and doers at all levels and in all areas, who want to develop new solutions, innovations and patents right through to market-readiness, and who have the desire to shape the mobile world in national and international teams.

Wanted: Personalities, doers, co-creators

Targeted, structured personnel development measures, as well as individual and open career paths, are an important part of our worldwide offer to our staff. All measures, initiatives and training are therefore continuously and systematically developed and extended. The following career paths are currently open to you at Grammer:

GRAMMER Management

At Grammer, we rely on the talent, abilities and development desires of our staff at all levels, and prefer to fill important key positions in the company with internal professionals. Qualification programmes at different hierarchical levels thus guarantee the best possible individual advancement and development.


In times of increasing globalisation, decentralised production sites and transnational and cross-cultural projects, it is the employees with their competencies who make the difference in the market success of the company. Experts at Grammer are characterised by their wealth of experience and first-class expertise. Both at the theoretical subject level, as well as at all relevant process and production levels. We expand and systematically promote these leading expert positions and personalities. The current development paths are divided into three stages.

GRAMMER Project Management

Project management at Grammer is a diverse, demanding and success-oriented role. Goal orientation, perseverance, commitment and strong management skills are of critical importance and promoted by us in a targeted way as individual career paths.

Based on the European IPMA standard, we define four career levels. This systematic scaling opens up individual career and development opportunities for project managers. A distinction is made in the definition and design between the professional career path and the development into a future management position.