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New Ubility Air passenger seat from Grammer Sustainable lightweight construction, high comfort

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  • Innovative double shell with air chamber structure 
  • Minimal weight of 4 kg, up to 100 percent recyclable  
  • Part of Grammer’s new Ubility One interior concept for urban transportation

Grammer AG, October 28, 2021 – It’s light on weight but not on comfort: Grammer is unveiling the Ubility Air, a new lightweight hard-shell seat for use in buses and trains. Innovative technology is combined with an attractive design to create a sustainable overall concept for tomorrow’s urban passenger transportation.

Its name says it all: air, or more precisely, enclosed air cells are the central design feature of what is known as “twinsheet” technology. The outer and inner shells of the Ubility Air form a self-stiffening, highly stable structure with evenly distributed air chambers, meaning that the seat does not require any elaborate foam-textile padding at all. Thanks to this innovative, extremely material-efficient design weighing a total of only 4 kg, Grammer’s Ubility Air is the new benchmark for hard-shell seats. This permits significant savings in fuel consumption and carbon emissions while maintaining a high level of seating comfort.

But that’s not all: Grammer’s innovation improves transportation companies’ ecological footprint with further advantages, because the double shell of the Ubility Air is made of a pure-grade mono-material. It can be produced from recycled materials and is up to 100 percent recyclable. In addition, the closed surface makes the shell easy to clean, providing high resilience to vandalism.

In developing the new seat model, the Grammer team considered recent studies of passenger flows and the related occupied zones among other things. As part of the holistic Ubility One interior concept, the Ubility Air is designed for seating areas for medium and longer distances in urban transit. It offers passengers high seating comfort and, thanks to its attractive shell design available in a wide range of colors, blends perfectly with the modern interiors of buses, trains, or autonomous shuttles.

About Ubility One from Grammer:
The name is both program and a premiere: With Ubility One, a combination of the terms “urban” and “mobility”, Grammer is positioning itself as the first supplier of an integrated interior concept for tomorrow’s buses and trains. With the three seat models Ubility Light, Ubility Air and Ubility Shift, the innovative product family focuses on people and their utilization profiles for urban transportation. Ubility One offers comfort for passengers, combined with efficiency and flexibility for OEMs and transport operators, while meeting society’s expectations for sustainable, climate-neutral products. Production of the first models in the Ubility One product family is scheduled to commence at a European Grammer plant in 2023. Learn more at\en\ubility

Company profile:
Grammer AG, headquartered in Ursensollen, Germany, is active in two business segments: Grammer develops and supplies high-quality interior and operating systems as well as innovative thermoplastic components for the global automotive industry. For trucks, trains, buses, and off-road vehicles, Grammer is a full-service provider of driver and passenger seats. Currently, Grammer AG employs around 14,000 people in 20 countries worldwide, with sales of around 1.7 billion euros in 2020. Grammer shares are listed in the Prime Standard and traded on the Munich and Frankfurt stock exchanges as well as via the Xetra electronic trading system.

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