Informations for our suppliers

  • Dataexchange via GlobalX (Link)
  • Current supplier package (Link) - (Readme)
    • Last update: 18.11.2022 (REV64)
  • Roadmap CAx-Releaseplanning (PDF)
  • Citrix Receiver LTSR Version 1912.1000 (Download)

Software currently in use



Important information about the rollout of a new Grammer AG CATIA Environment (from 12/01/2022)

  • CATIA V5-6 R2020 (R30) Service Pack 3 HotFix 39
  • Q-Checker V5-6 R2020 5.9.0 (Link to manufacturer) - Checkprofile (Link)
  • The internal use of the CATIA V5-6R2020 (R30) environment at Grammer starts on Thursday, 12/01/2022. 
  • The production usage of CATIA V5-6R2020 at the partner companies must take place at the same time as the environment goes live at Grammer.

For customer projects the current customer environment has to be used. The project agreements about terms of reference, rules and specifications as well as the system environment are still valid.


If VPN access is necessary for the collaboration, it has to be applied for together with the internal contact.