Grammer Award

Interdisciplinary basic research and applied science of the spine is the prerequisite to improve our understanding of back pain and spinal disorders. In order to support this spinal research, the GRAMMER European Spine Journal award (20.000 Euro) is donated annually by the GRAMMER AG together with the European Spine Journal since 2000.

This is the highest amount of any award in spinal research worldwide. The goal of this award is to honour outstanding research papers on the basic science of the spine. With this prize the GRAMMER and the European Spine Journal want to award and motivate scientists from all different areas in spine research to deal with these scientific questions. Basic research and applied science in cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, biomaterials, biomechanics, ergonomics, rehabilitation, psychology, epidemiology, etc., provide the cornerstones for future strategies.

Through this award GRAMMER is able to keep close contact with the leading, international spine scientists. The scientific exchange between these experts and GRAMMER's department of research and development improves its knowledge base, which can be directed into the development of new products.