Design for use

Due to the technical development more and more functions can be integrated into the seat. Next to that no driver reads the manual – this has been shown in GRAMMER usability studies. These studies clarified that important and health related functions are not used or even used in a wrong way. That´s the reason why GRAMMER starts every new development with a usability study. In the beginning of a new product development phase, an important question rises up: which functions are used and how can we present them in a way that the driver understands intuitively how to adjust the seat.

Based on that knowledge we developed our own philosophy „Design for use“. „Design for use“ displays an intuitive, easy to learn concept of set adjustments. Every handle has to tell its own story (how can the driver use me, what does my position mean) and has to be distinctive. Next to that the feedback of the handle and the system has to be taken into account. This philosophy was first presented in a truck seat. The usability study also showed that health related functions has to be adjusted automatically like already done for example in the Maximo Evolution.