Quality Policy

We want customers to be satisfied. Internal customers are as important as external customers.

The quality of our services and products is based on high customer requirements. Meeting these requirements is essential for the company's success and hence, the safeguarding of jobs.

Within the company, each of us is a supplier of services and products and therefore has internal customers who must be supplied with flawless performance in due time.

We comply with all requirements concerning product safety according to the state-of-the-art.

The goal is the highest possible product safety of all our design and production activities for the user. Identification, evaluation and reduction of potential product risks by applying adequate techniques ensures that all aspects of product safety are being considered appropriately.

Top management supports the preventive approach to product safety and considers it a managerial function.

We commit ourselves to quality. Management must take the lead in our quality efforts.

Impeccable quality of our performance is the prerequisite for meeting the internal and external customer requirements.

Maintaining our high quality standard and continuous improvement are our ongoing tasks. Our managers are committed to Grammer AG’s business rules and quality policy and set a clear example of the same. They motivate the employees to act with quality in mind, define targets, and promote teamwork and a way of thinking integrating all departments.

We consistently eliminate defects. Our goal is zero defects.

Defect prevention takes precedence over defect detection. If defects occur despite preventive action, they must be permanently eliminated by methodical and systematic measures. Defects are deviations from the standards. They increase our costs and reduce our competitiveness. We are therefore anxious to carry out everything properly from the start and to lay the foundations accordingly.

We make continuous improvements and consider our defaults.

We want to take the lead in world-wide competition. We accomplish this by the continuous and measurable improvement of our performance, our business processes and our products.

Our standards and procedures include the customers’ requirements and our know-how. They must be persistently realized throughout all activities.

We impart the necessary knowledge.

It is every superior's responsibility to provide job-oriented training for the employees. The knowledge gained by this must be maintained and improved by continuous training.