Environmental- and Engergy policy

We comply with all relevant legislation and binding commitments in the areas of environmental protection and energy use
The basis of our environmental and energy management system is the consistent compliance with all relevant legislation and binding obligations.

We manufacture products with minimal environmental impact and maximum energy efficiency
We develop, produce seats, seating systems and vehicle interiors in such a way as to ensure safe and environmentally friendly production, responsible handling of chemicals with a focus on substitution and the safe use and disposal of our products.
We regularly identify and evaluate the opportunities and risks for our company, our production process, as well as the context of our organization. In this way, opportunities are used to the best possible, and risks are reduced or ideally completely avoided.
In all our production processes, we strive for a minimum of energy and resource use.
Our goals are the continuous improvement of environmental and energy performance as well as the prevention of emissions and waste in all production processes. Unavoidable production waste is primarily re-used or re-used, otherwise it will be disposed of responsibly.
We develop and manufacture our products with the aim of completely recycling materials after the end of their service life.

We are committed to environmentally friendly procurement and logistics
In the interests of integrated environmental protection, we procure our raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials as far as possible according to ecological criteria, including energy efficiency. By continuously improving our procurement and delivery logistics as well as optimizing factory traffic and energy flows, we continuously reduce the resulting environmental impact. That's why we choose to select suppliers close to the factory.
Through appropriate measures, we work to ensure that our business partners orient themselves to our activities and also strive for environmental and/or energy certification.

We train and promote our employees and conduct open environmental communication
In order to achieve our goals, we promote, train and motivate our employees through targeted training and further education, so that they can carry out their activities responsibly in accordance with our environmental objectives and this environmental policy.
We inform our employees, customers and the public about the state of our environmental and energy management system.
The aim is open and honest internal and external communication as well as a cooperative interaction with authorities and the public. When it is our case for external communication, we limit ourselves to the content of our website, our sustainability reports and our corporate policy, which we make available to our interested parties on request.

We are constantly improving our environmental and energy-related activities
The objectives and success of our environmental activities, including compliance with relevant legal regulations and binding obligations, are regularly reviewed and assessed internally and externally. By setting new, higher goals and implementing them, we achieve continuous improvement of our environmental and energy management system. Of course, we ensure that the necessary resources are allocated for continuous improvement.