Health and Safety Policy

We comply with all relevant health and safety legal requirements
The GRAMMER Group makes a commitment to comply with all the relevant occupational health and safety national laws and regulations at each of its locations. The cooperation with public authorities, institutions and other qualified partners is expected and should be based on trust and mutual respect.

We recognize and minimize hazards and related risks
The health and safety of our employees in everything we do is our top priority. For that reason, we actively involve our health and safety experts during the early stages of processes settings in order to implement the proper operating procedures. In addition to coordinating with all the involved areas, we conduct risk analysis and hazard identification in areas of danger and strain at all of our locations.
Prevention and accidents avoidance, occupational illnesses and other work-related health effects are given the highest priority within the GRAMMER Group. A global network of specialized health and safety employees is available to provide support and guidance to all locations.

We recognize the importance of our responsibility towards health and safety
Ensuring health and safety is an important part of the responsibility of everyone in the organization, i.e.: executive board members, general management, plant- and other managers and all employees.
All of the personnel mentioned assume responsibility for the implementation of the required measures to ensure health and safety. Every employee has the duty to point out risks and hazards as they are recognized; employees also are empowered to eliminate such hazards.

We challenge and we support the active participation of all our employees
We support and motivate our employees by providing regular and specific education, training and development to enable them so that they can perform their tasks in a responsible way and in line with our health and safety policies. We inform our employees about the status and development of our activities and results concerning the Company’s health and safety performance and require active participation in the implementation of appropriate measures.

We continuously improve our health and safety management system
It is our objective to continuously improve our health and safety system with the ultimate goal to maintain and, if possible, to strengthen the health, work satisfaction and efficiency of our employees.
The effectiveness of decisions made and measures implemented are reviewed on a regular basis. Internal and external audits are used to ensure compliance with legal requirements and internal goals and objectives. Improvement potentials are identified worldwide and expedient measures are taken to realize the improvements. Toward this goal we strive to identify optimal synergies to the benefit of the GRAMMER Group. In order to achieve the health and safety related goals at our global locations, appropriate resources and funds are to be planned for release by business management.