In the Automotive segment, we supply headrests, armrests, center consoles and high-quality interior components to renowned car manufacturers and system suppliers of the automotive industry. Our interior components convince with comfort, design and safety. Due to forward-looking, competitive and high-quality products, leading automotive manufacturers and system suppliers value GRAMMER Automotive as a source of inspiration and ideas in the area of interior design.

Core business areas in the Automotive segment:

  • Headrests
  • Armrests
  • Center Consoles
  • Interieur components
  • Fuctional Plastics


Commercial Vehicles

GRAMMER Seating Systems develops and produces driver and passenger seats for agricultural and construction machinery, forklifts, trucks, buses and trains worldwide. With "Design for use", Grammer Seating Systems designs products to be emphatically ergonomic, user-friendly, comfortable and safe. With its innovative seating systems, GRAMMER is the world's number one in the offroad vehicle segment and is one of the leading seat manufacturers for trucks, buses and trains.

Core business areas in the Commercial Vehicles segment:

  • Offroad (driver seats for commercial vehicles such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forklifts)

  • Truck (driver seats for trucks)

  • Bus (driver and passenger seats for buses)

  • Railway (driver and passenger seats for railways)