Sophie Carter

Industrial & Packaging Engineer, Plymouth, MI

With GRAMMER since 2017

“GRAMMER encourages employees to choose the path they want to take within the company and then provides resources to achieve this goal.”



Please give us an insight into your Grammer story so far 

While finishing my education at The Ohio State University, I was hired into Toledo Molding & Die as an engineering intern. I worked multiple terms at our Bowling Green, OH Blow Molding Plant and within our Corporate Engineering group in Laskey, OH. After graduation, I was hired full time as TMD’s Packaging & Industrial Engineer. Just recently I was nominated for Grammer’s DRIVE program and am looking forward to visiting Amberg and learning more about the company.

Please give us a brief insight into your current daily routine

My role serves two purposes; one is to develop, design, and procure packaging for all new model programs within the Division of Functional Plastics, the other is to design and maintain the layouts for all of our division’s production plants.

What fascinates you about your job?

I appreciate the versatility in my job. As the Packaging Engineer, I am able to utilize my creativity by collaborating with suppliers and manufacturing engineers to develop designs that will protect our parts. My role also provides perspective. Instead of focusing on one program, I get to work on one area of almost every program within the company.

What do you value about Grammer as an employer?

Being a new addition to Grammer I am still exploring the opportunities that come with being a part of a global company. I have appreciated their dedication to the growth of their employees. They recognize that it is beneficial to both the company, and the employee, to grow and promote from within. They encourage employees to choose what path they would like to take within the company, then provide resources to help achieve that goal.