Sandeep Choudhary

Professional, Global Network Administrator, Group IT Network & Telephony, GER

With Grammer since 2012

“I have always been a good problem solver and this is a major aspect of being an IT Engineer.”



Sandeep, you have been employed as a global network administrator since 2012 in the Amberg area. Give us a brief insight into an IT engineer's daily routine.

As a global network administrator, I am responsible for implementing, supporting, developing, and designing of communication networks within an organisation. For instance, one task is to solve critical issues from international plants on a daily basis as well as to design future concepts and to provide it to local plant IT. All in all, my role as global network administrator is to ensure the reliability of a high-availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for our users. 

What fascinates you about your job?

Due to the fact that I have access to all Grammer network devices, it allows me to do quite a bit which makes for a giant learning field. My work is very varied and the learning curve is very high because of different  networks and local guidelines which I have to consider. In my role the scope of action is very high and I am free to share my ideas.

What do you value about Grammer as an employer?

First and foremost, Grammer's overall reputation (in the Upper Palatinate region) drew me in. I love the people interaction, too, as Grammer is an international company and I can travel to many other locations worldwide. Secondly, the opportunity to work flexible hours is of great importance because in my country of origin (India), I had to work longer hours every day.