Ondrej Cumpelik

Young Professional, CAD Designer, R&D CZ

With Grammer since 2015

“Grammer offers you a chance; it’s up to you what you make of it.”



Ondrej, as a Young Professional in the Competence Center in Plana, CZ, you were able to gather a first impression as a CAD Designer. How can you apply your university knowledge in daily work?

The start was challenging because everything in the Competence Center was new, as were all the colleagues. However, the German colleagues from the head office looked after me well, which made it possible to familiarise myself quickly. Also the company supported me in learning German as a foreign language, which was very important for day-to-day communication. As a young professional, I was able to apply my software knowledge with Catia and also benefit from my experience in drawing of prototypes.

What fascinates you about your job?

To see how a 3D model on a computer becomes a real product after a short time and is in daily use on the streets.

What do you value about Grammer as an employer?

Grammer gives you a chance to develop and, if you do, you reward both yourself and the company with the best possible performance. It was left to me how much commitment and time I wanted to invest in my development. I decided to go one step further than the others.