Lucía Torres

Customer Service Coordinator, Queretaro, MX

With Grammer since 2015

“GRAMMER is therefore a very good company for me to develop not only professionally, but also personally.”



Please give us an insight into your Grammer story so far

I started my career at GRAMMER in 2015 in customer service for FCA and Ford customers. After I was able to continuously increase the number of Ford customers I had to support, I was already able to take the next career step in 2017: As a customer service coordinator with management responsibility for two employees, I was given the opportunity to participate in the DRIVE training program in Shanghai, China. As part of the DRIVE program, I not only got to know GRAMMER even better, but also its employees, my international colleagues. As a customer service coordinator, I am now responsible for ten employees and more than 25 customers.

Please give us a brief insight into your current daily routine

At the beginning of my daily work there is a meeting with the production department in which we check the results from the production plan of the previous day. In doing so, we identify the main problems and try to develop solutions that avoid the repetition of malfunctions and ensure consistent performance in the line. This is followed by our team meeting: We discuss the most important issues regarding our customers, production, critical part numbers and lines that could affect the revision of KPIs. I then share the information and insights from these meetings with the respective GPQ in the area. In addition, specialist departments such as Materials, Warehousing and Shipping are their focal points - if tasks arise that affect my employees, I take them on or pass them on to my team. During the rest of the day, my team and I discuss the critical points and find solutions for customer inquiries, meetings, escalations and complaints in order to continuously improve our projects and processes.

What fascinates you about your job?

What fascinates me about my job is that every day brings a new challenge. Of course there are routine tasks, but not every problem can be solved in the same way. That's why I find it particularly interesting to investigate problems, identify ways to deal with them, and find new transactions in SAP that help me solve problems as easily as possible.

What do you value about Grammer as an employer?

I particularly value GRAMMER as a global company that offers a career and development plan to every employee who is interested in improving themselves day after day. The company also responds very flexibly to the needs of individual employees. GRAMMER is therefore a very good company for me to develop not only professionally, but also personally.