Georg Geitner

Young Professional, Product Validator, Division Automotive, GER

With Grammer since 2014

“I became an engineer in order to solve new types of problem that nobody has dared to tackle yet, or that no one has ever thought of before.”



Georg, you joined Grammer when you were a student and directly entered as a Product Validator. Give us a brief insight into your personal Grammer story.

In 2014, I completed my practical semester of studies in plastics engineering in technical testing at Grammer in Amberg. Happily, I was taken on as a works student in the same department and so I could directly apply the abilities I had gained from my studies in practice. This collaboration culminated in a final thesis focusing on new technologies for the production of automotive interior components.  Thanks to my motivation to develop myself further at Grammer, I was able to enter directly as a Product Validator after completing my studies. 

What fascinates you about your job?

Since the requirements for products are always increasing, my role is becoming more and more challenging, which makes daily work exciting and varied. At Grammer, not only do we develop according to customers wishes, but also to keep up with the latest trends.

What do you value about Grammer as an employer?

Grammer remains true to its roots and therefore invests in the people of the region. Despite its global orientation, it has not forgotten the virtues of the Upper Palatinate, such as local ties and loyalty to its employees.

For me, Grammer makes the difference, because...

... the Group offers the opportunity of working in the most diverse roles. Therefore, I can also develop personally, as much as I wish, without having to change companies.