Aysegul Tezcanli

Project manager PMS Truck, GER

2015 - 2017 with Grammer Bursa, TR
Since 2015 with Grammer Amberg, GER

“Diversity makes us stronger!”



Aysegul, you started to work for Grammer in Bursa, Turkey in May 2015. Since 2017, you have been working as Project Manager for Grammer AG in Amberg, Germany. Would you care to share your personal Grammer story with us?

With the idea to move to Germany - which was always in my mind since university-, with 8 years of experience in the seating Business gained at JCI and Lear, I decided to start my career at Grammer Bursa. The Job opening at Grammer Bursa offered a wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge also in Commercial vehicles. It also gave me the Chance to work in Germany. After two years of project management at Grammer Bursa, I am now working as project manager at Grammer AG for the last 11 months. Being a project manager is to be in the hub of core project Teams all working in parallel. This demands social, communicative and agile capabilities in order to fulfil the role and I love that about my job.

What fascinates you in your Job?

Being a project manager in an international company, offers the opportunity to experience foreign cultures, ideas and people. It broadens your horizon and has a positive effect on your private and professional life and greatly expands your view of life as a whole. 

What do you appreciate about Grammer as an employer?

Grammer offers the chance to work abroad to interested employees from all levels. This is one important indicator of a company operating as global player and stresses the potential of the employer.

Grammer makes the difference…

…because with the support of Grammer, I could reach one of my goals- to work in Germany- and I continue to widen my scope