At present the Grammer Group employs over 15,000 staff worldwide. People and personalities, who with their ideas, their commitment and their team spirit drive forward developments and innovations and make Grammer one of the most successful companies in our sector. Learn a little more about your future colleagues and gain interesting personal insights into the corporate culture and working at Grammer.

Aysegul Tezcanli

Aysegul Tezcanli, Project manager, PMS Truck, DE
With Grammer since 2015
„Diversity makes us stronger!”

Thomas Bergmann

Thomas Bergmann, Computational engineer, R&D DE
With Grammer since 2005
"Simulation is an attempt to emulate reality."

Lucía Torres

Lucía Torres, Customer Service Coordinator, Queretaro, MX
With Grammer since 2015
"GRAMMER is therefore a very good company for me to develop not only professionally, but also personally."

Tomasz Halucha

Tomasz Halucha
Buyer Serial Purchasing, Immenstetten, DE
With Grammer since 2017
"For me personally, GRAMMER is not just my employer: My father worked for GRAMMER for over 30 years. He passed on the GRAMMER DNA to me, even though I've only been with GRAMMER for a good two years."

Michele Woitschek

Michele Woitschek, Young Professional
Grammer Production System Engineer HQ, Operations DE
With Grammer since 2016
"Having the opportunity to drive forward operational excellence makes the difference for me."

Huy Tran

Huy Tran, Test mechanic, R&D DE
With Grammer since 2012
"For me Grammer is a joint venture which is especially maintained by the team spirit of our colleagues."

Sophie Carter

Sophie Carter, Industrial & Packaging Engineer, Plymouth, MI
With GRAMMER since 2017
"GRAMMER encourages employees to choose the path they want to take within the company and then provides resources to achieve this goal."

Ondrej Cumpelik

Ondrej Cumpelik, Young Professional
CAD constructor, R&D CZ
With Grammer since 2015
"Grammer offers you a chance; it’s up to you what you make of it."

Georg Geitner

Georg Geitner, Young Professional
Product Validator, Division Automotive, DE
With Grammer since 2014
"I became an engineer in order to solve new types of problems that nobody has dared to tackle yet."

Zdenek Vesely

Zdenek Vesely, Plant IT Tachov/Plana, CZ
With Grammer since 2008
„I am Grammer because I am not afraid of the challenges!”

Sylvia Lu

Sylvia Lu (center), Gemini Tang (left, SQE), Cathy Shen (right), Operative Purchasing Shanghai,
Group Purchasing CHN
With Grammer since 2017
„Grammer makes the difference for me as it is more than just a job.”

Sandeep Choudhary

Sandeep Choudhary, Global Network Administrator, Group IT Network & Telephony DE
With Grammer since 2012
„I have always been a good problem solver and this is a major aspect of being an IT engineer.”