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In times of increasing globalisation, decentralised production sites and transnational and cross-cultural projects, it is the employees with their competencies who make the difference in the market success of the company. Experts at Grammer are characterised by their wealth of experience and first-class expertise. Both at the theoretical subject level, as well as at all relevant process and production levels. We expand and systematically promote these leading expert positions and personalities. The current development paths are divided into three stages.

Grammer Expert Level

You will have over four years of experience, have participated decisively in the development and introduction of innovations and new technical solutions, and can systematically pass on this knowledge, carry out subject-related training and be familiar with all the applicable influencing factors, tools and laws.

Grammer Senior Expert Level

You will have over six years of experience, had a significant share in the development of (Grammer) patents and solutions in the process, which have lead to qualified improvements, you have trained experts yourself, taken on the responsibility for securing and transfer of specific subject knowledge, and are very familiar with the latest technical developments.

Grammer Master Expert Level

You will have over ten years of experience, have crucially developed and driven forward patents of Types A and B, technological breakthroughs and clearly quantifiable solutions, you are an internationally-recognised figure in your field of expertise and are fully familiar with the latest professional, technical and legal insights and guidelines.



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