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Dr. Andreas Diehl

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Beruflicher Werdegang


Andreas Diehl studied Electrical Engineering and finished his doctorate 2002 at the Institute of automatic control at the University Kaiserslautern.

His career in the automotive industry started 2002 at a family owned company, Keiper-Recaro. During his professional career in the automotive business, which was always focused on Seating, Andreas Diehl took over several different functions and responsibilities in Research and Development as well as in General Management.

After the take-over of the Keiper-Recaro group by Johnson Controls in 2011 his engagement more and more was oriented towards the Seating business for Commercial Vehicle.

In February 2016 Andreas Diehl joined the Grammer AG, where he is leading the global Division Commercial Vehicles.

Additional to his role as President Division Commercial Vehicles he was announced as CTO in October 2022.