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Actimo Evolution



Dimensions (Version for Wheel loader)

Dimensions (Version for Excavators)



Active Seat Climate System



Datasheet Wheel loader

Datasheet Excavators


Operating Instruction
(for Wheel loader)

Operating Instruction (for Excavators)

The premium-comfort seat for Wheel loader and Excavators.


Equipped with a low-frequency pneumatic suspension to compensate vibrations and jolts even more effectively, plus a fore/aft isolator to minimize vibrations in driving direction.

This especially user-friendly model has been optimally equipped for outstanding ergonomics. It makes operating a construction machine smoother, safer and much easier on the back.

This will be enabled by the proven Grammer "Design for Use" philosophy, by the operator restraint system, by active electronic setting of the seat to the user´s weight, and by active seat climate control as a special feature.