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In 1990 GRAMMER AG became the partner of Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national railway company, for developing the seats for the first generation of ICE trains. GRAMMER meanwhile also offers seating systems for passengers and engine drivers in all other segments of the rail market: from subways and metropolitan trains in cities across local and regional railway services, to long-distance and high-speed trains such as the Transrapid. With its comprehensive product range, GRAMMER is a competent partner to all of its customers in the rail industry.

Passenger seats:

ICE 3000Highest comfort at high speeds
IC 3000Comfort und design for intercity transport
Premium SitzFirst class comfort in winning design
C 3000Lightweight for short distances
D 3000 The classic solution for local traffic
E 3000The compact class for local and regional traffic
M 3000Innovative seating system for subways and urban railway

Driver seats:

MSG 90.3 LokSeating comfort for the train driver