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Our Product Range for Powerboats

Powerboat seating systems must satisfy special requirements. Vibration must be minimised so hard jolts are absorbed when travelling fast to ensure that the driver sits in a manner that is as ergonomic and healthy as possible without getting tired.

The Premium offers maximum ergonomics and comfort at an attractive price!



  • Individual backrest angle adjustment: adjustable tilt in 2.5 increments from -5° to +20°.
  • Individually selectable design. Comes as standard with 2 embossings in 6 basic colours. Other colour combinations are available on request. As an option, the seat is also available with accessories, such as armrests, headrest and lap belt.
  • The surfaces have been tested rigorously. The materials used have been tested for resistance to UV radiation, heat, cold, wind, humidity and salt water, and are also dirt-repellent.
  • Weight adjustment to accommodate any occupant from 45 - 130 kg.
  • Extremely low-profile and visually appealing mechanical suspension with 80 mm suspension stroke.
  • Can be mounted on a seat pedestal or box.
  • Weight: 23.50 kg (with armrests & headrest)
  • Weight: 20.15 kg (without headrest or amrests)

  • Please, see individual data sheet for availability of additional features.