Dr Bernd Blankenstein is to become chairman of the executive board at Grammer

He has many years of experience in the industry

Amberg, 28th April 2000 – The supervisory board of Grammer AG has appointed Dr. Bernd Blankenstein (62) as chairman of the executive board at Grammer AG. Blankenstein has been in the car-supplier business for many years.

He began his career with the US supplier Kelsey-Hayes. Then in 1973, with a doctorate in mechanical engineering, Blankenstein went over to work for the car division of TRW Inc. based in Cleveland, Ohio. TRW is a technology and service group operating throughout the world, which has specialised in high quality accessories for the car and space industry. As Group Vice President, Blankenstein was responsible for steering and wheel suspension systems until 1987. Following three years in Freudenberg bei Weinheim, where he worked as divisional head for gaskets and moulded parts, he returned to TRW in 1991. For five years he was Vice President of Engine Components and then as member of the executive board, he managed the divisions steering, suspension and engine production throughout the world. Since 1999 he has been responsible on the operational side at TRW Inc. for engine components throughout the world.

Blankenstein's two-year contract is to take effect from 1st July 2000. He will be an addition to the executive board panel at Grammer AG, which to date has consisted of three persons. Martin Grammer (39), to date spokesman for the executive board, shall continue to be responsible for the car accessories division. Peter Nagel (53) will continue to be responsible for the driver's seat product division. Wolfgang Steinbach (50) will retain the commercial central division and the passenger seat division.