Grammer optimizes operations in Wackersdorf

Management and works council agree on restructuring program / Significant synergies through relocation of service parts pro-duction from Haselmühl

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Grammer with new communication team

Amberg, February 05, 2008   –   In order to strengthen the financial and corporate communication activities, Grammer AG introduced a new communication team as of February 01, 2008 Wiebke Fröhner (38) is the new spokesperson of Grammer AG…

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Grammer has new major shareholder

Grammer has new major shareholder Amberg, 17th January 2008  –  The Austrian Polytec Group has taken an approx. 10 percent stake in Grammer AG. The company is therefore the third major shareholder of the Amberg-based group. In addition to…

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Grammer AG: Preliminary sales and profit figures for the first nine months

Amberg, 25 October 2007 – Grammer AG, Amberg, has published preliminary figures for the third quarter of 2007. According to these numbers, group sales for the first nine months of the year totaled EUR 735.1 million (previous year: 657.9).…

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Uwe Wöhner Leaves Management Board of Grammer AG

Amberg / September 27, 2007 — Uwe Wöhner, 48, a member of the Management Board of Grammer AG in Amberg, Germany, responsible for the Automotive product segment and Director of Labor Relations, is stepping down from his Management Board post…

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Grammer setzt auf Deutschland:

Heimischer Standort sichert Wettbewerbsstärke der Automobilindustrie

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Opportunities in China

For the first time, Grammer AG has developed a seat for construction machines in China. Series production of it began in May 2007.

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Grammer still on growth track

Amberg, August 14, 2007 – Grammer AG today published its interim report for the first six months of the current fiscal year. It states that the Amberg-based automotive company improved Group sales by 9.8% to €491.9 million (PY: €448.1…

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Uplifting Design for Heavy Trucks

The Trucker Live-In Cabin Mo.T.I.S. has been nominated for “The 2008 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany”

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Personnel matters: Dr. Rolf-Dieter Kempis new Grammer AG chief executive officer from August 1st

Amberg, July 24th, 2007 – In today’s meeting, the Grammer AG supervisory board has decided to appoint Dr. Rolf-Dieter Kempis (54) as chief executive officer of Grammer AG. He will bear responsibility in this position for two years, starting…

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