Environmental- and Engergy policy

We comply with all relevant environmental- and energy-usage related regulations.

The basis of our environmental and energy management system is consequence and adherence to all relevant legal instructions.

We manufacture our products with a minimum of pollution and a maximum of energy efficiency.

We develop, produce and sell automotive interior systems in such way that a safe and environmentally sound production process is guaranteed as well as a safe use and considerate disposal of waste. We strive for a minimum use of energy and resources in every production process.
Our objective is to avoid emissions and wastes in all the production processes. Unavoidable production wastes are being recycled as far as possible or adequately disposed of.
We develop and manufacture our products with the objective of a complete material recycling at the end of their life cycle.

We speak for procurement and logistics that fit environmental protection.

In terms of an integrated environmental protection we purchase our raw, auxiliary and operating materials according to ecological criteria including energy efficiency as far as possible. By continuous improvement of our purchase and delivery logistics and by optimizing the flow of material and energy within the company, we continuously reduce the consequent environmental impacts. This is why we preferably chose regional suppliers, if possible.
By suitable measures we try to convince our business partners to harmonize their environmental activities with ours and to aim for an environmental certification.

We train and encourage our employees and conduct an open environmental communication.

In order to reach our aims we encourage, train and motivate our employees by adequate further education and trainings so that they can carry out their duties in line of our environmental targets and policy.
We regularly inform our employees, customers and the general public about the state of our environmental- and energy management system. The aim is an open and sincere communication as well as a cooperative dealing with administrative bodies and the public.

We continuously improve our environmental- and energy management related activities.

The targets and the success of our environmental activities including the compliance with all relevant environmental and energy usage regulations are regularly reviewed and evaluated both internally and externally. By establishing and implementing new, higher targets, we achieve a continuous improvement of our environmental- and energy management system. Naturally we ensure that the resources necessary for the continuous improvement of our management system are allocated.