Code of Conduct

Integrity is the foundation of our success.


Our goal is to sustainably increase the corporate worth and market value of the GRAMMER Group and generate substantial benefits for our customers, shareholders, employees and society. To achieve this aim, we create conditions that are conducive to increasing our success. These include a corporate culture that fosters the acceptance of responsibility by every individual, develops competencies and skills, and cultivates integrity as a prerequisite for working together in a spirit of trust.


Integrity manifests itself when the conduct of individuals is in harmony with our system of values, personal principles, and inner values. In this way, integrity meets the prerequisites for our business success and the trust that ought to characterize our dealings with one another.


As a globally operating group, we are increasingly in the public’s view and confronted with the need to adapt ourselves to the rules and ethical standards of different markets, countries and regions. In doing so, we strive to preserve and continue enhancing our good reputation. This requires everyone at GRAMMER to be familiar with and follow the required rules.


This Code of Conduct, which applies worldwide, defines the standards for our activities. All of us are called upon to obey the law and follow the rules laid down in this document.


We expect our employees to acknowledge this Code of Conduct as binding for their activities at our company. Each and every one of us personally contributes to sustainably securing GRAMMER’s success.