Tobias Raith

Professional, Commodity Buyer Mechatronics / Electronics

Group Purchasing DE

With Grammer since 2012

“Negotiation is the art of dividing the cake so that your counterpart thinks he’s got the bigger piece.”



Tobias, you have been active in Grammer since 2012 in the Purchasing Group. Please give us an insight into your Grammer story so far.

My first, exciting position at Grammer was in project purchasing: as part Project Manager for all purchasing topics in the concept phase I worked closely with Development, to ensure that during the product definition the aims and strategies of procurement are taken into consideration. Here I had the chance to acquire a wide knowledge of materials and production technologies within a short period of time. Especially in regard to the joint development of cost-effective solutions in the product development phase and naturally for later negotiations this knowledge is a great advantage and is worth its weight in gold.

Please give us a brief insight into your current daily routine as a Commodity Buyer Mechatronics / Electronics.

Today, I help shape the global sourcing strategy in commodity purchasing, build strategic development partnerships with important suppliers and operate on international procurement markets. Purchasing is already in demand as a competent contact and consultant during acquisition and in the product development phase in order to develop a cost-optimized design. As a purchaser, my aim is to question specifications, to advise and challenge the experts with information and new solutions from the supply markets, to manage and develop suppliers. Entrepreneurial thinking and action is decisive, because in purchasing, the course is set for product quality and profitability. This results in an extremely exciting and attractive field of work, especially for purchasing staff.

What fascinates you about your job?

In my profession, every day is different from the previous one. To always pose new and different challenges on yourself, to be challenged and to work out solutions with a lot of experience, knowledge, curiosity and creativity is what fascinates me and makes the job exciting. To achieve success jointly in the team after intensive work is one of the best moments.

What do you value about Grammer as an employer?

I value Grammer's wide range of opportunities for creative and development opportunities for employees, its strong camaraderie, the very flexible working conditions and, last but not least, the contrast between multicultural teamwork on the one hand, and working away from metropolitan regions in a medieval, idyllic small town on the other.