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Corporate Management in Compliance with the Law and the German Corporate Governance Code

GRAMMER is committed to responsible business practices geared to increasing the company’s value, and therefore thoroughly approves of the German Corporate Governance Code. This Code was drawn up by an independent commission at the initiative of the German federal government and entered into force in 2002.


The purpose of the Code is to render Germany’s rules on corporate management and monitoring transparent for both domestic and foreign investors. It has the power of law and comprises both nationally and internationally acknowledged standards on good, responsible management and monitoring of companies listed on the stock exchange. The Code goes into detail on the rights of shareholders, the tasks of the management and supervisory boards, and how these two bodies work together. It also includes provisions on transparency, accounting and end-of-year audits. All of this is intended to foster the confidence of domestic and foreign investors, customers, employees and the general public in corporate governance.



You can find the current compliance declaration HERE

Corporate Governance report and statement pursuant to section 289a of the german commercial code (HGB) 2015

Corporate Governance report and statment pursuant to section 289y of the german commerical code (HGB) 2016